f(by) 2019 — the 5th edition of the conference on functional programming in Minsk, Belarus.

Organized by SPACE Production
in cooperation with local FuncBY community.
This year we will have 2 tracks with:
1. Practical talks: success stories of FP languages usage
2. Theoretical talks: programming language theory, mathematics, programming for the sake of programming, new things in FP languages.

OUR FIRST Speakers and talks

Vagif Abilov works in a Norwegian company Miles developing services on .NET platform. Vagif has more than 30 years of programming experience in different languages, recent projects have been developed in F#.

In addition to his main work Vagif participates in several open source projects and presents at conferences where he often includes in his talks not very serious songs.
Our system is mission critical - major organisational activities depend on it, so it must be fast, always available and fault tolerant. It is written in F# but would it make a difference if it was written in another language? This talk is about why F# is an essential part of the project success.

It's been about three years we began our big rewrite: tired of mutable data structures and thread synchronisation, we decided to use F# and actor model (Akka.NET) for the next generation of media file distribution engine, developed in Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Hundreds of gigabytes of data are going through our application every hour with high demand for performance, scalability and failure recovery.

The fact that our project has for a long time been in production can identify it as success, but is choice of F# an essential part of this success? Could we achieve similar development speed and operational stability if we settled for OOP (and C# on .NET platform)?

We believe that F# provides a set of defaults that can give significant advantages for development with short deadlines and continuous deployment, and we are going to share our experience and lessons learned in this talk.
I'm a core contributor to the PureScript compiler and authored most of its IDE tooling.

I've been using Haskell/PureScript for most of my developer life and have been lucky enough to use PureScript at work for the last 2 years.

I'm interested in compilers, type systems, and making things as simple as possible.
Static typing is experiencing a renaissance. Modern languages use type inference that lets you just write your expressions and have the compiler infer their types.

But how does this work? I'll show you the fundamentals and theory by implementing a fully functional type checker/type inferencer.

This talk will attempt to disenchant type systems/checker as something magic and show how they are normal (fun) programs.

To do so it will present the Hindley-Milner-Damas type system which forms the basis for languages like OCaml, Haskell, PureScript, or Elm (and lots more).

We'll implement Algorithm W, a type inference algorithm, for it in about a 100 lines of Haskell. Participants will leave with an understanding of typing judgements and terminology like substitution, instantiation, and unification.
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"What Makes Haskell Unique" by Michael Snoyman (Vice President of Engineering @FP Complete, Israel)
Haskell has purity, immutability, referential transparency, and so on. But how does that affect the programs we write?

We'll discuss some subtle and not-so-subtle outcomes — both positive and negative — that come from the architectural choices at the root of Haskell.


SPACE Production is a professional team of conference & meetup organisers in Minsk, Belarus
FuncBY is a belarusian community of developers using functional programming languages in their work and hobby projects
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